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How Small Entrepreneurs Are Growing Their Businesses in Today’s Era

Learn how to attract more customers, grow your business and sell more, using the best of the digital world to your advantage

The World Has Changed…

Did you know?

According to Salesforce’s Shopping Index, European e-commerce grew by 47% in 2020, with a a few categories growing up to 137%. And this is in only one year!


A Europe fit for the digital age is a major priority of the European Commission. The EU’s digital strategy aims to make this transformation work for people and businesses, while helping to achieve its target of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

The strategy is built on three pillars: (1) Technology that works for the people; (2) A fair and competitive digital economy; (3) An open, democratic and sustainable society.


Do you see how Europe will develop these next few years with the growth of the digital businesses?

And YOU, how much are you enjoying and taking advantage of our online world?


We are facing a delicate moment in the history of the world.

And I’ll tell you why.


In the past, people found your company through telephone directories, newspaper advertisements, magazines and even on the radio.

Today everyone has a mobile phone in hand.

And guess how they look for services and products? Right! Typing on the mobile.


The recent global crisis has further accelerated this shift and the online presence is bigger than ever. And what used to be a trend is now a necessity.


And with that, the crossroad is very clear for everyone:

On the one hand, thousands of small businesses growing and developing like they never imagined before.

On the other, entrepreneurs with traditional thoughts facing difficulties to continue managing their businesses as they always did.


The decision whether to go bankrupt or prosper is in the hands of every entrepreneur, owner or manager of a business.

And this analysis is simple: recognize that it is necessary to look to the future and adapt to the current world or try to continue living in the past.

The entrepreneur who has at least a bit of control over his business has already realized that what has always worked out is not giving as much results anymore.

He’s already realized that something different has to be done if he wants to keep the doors open.


Having an up-to-date business, no matter the size, is the key to facing these changes with ease and success.

An outdated business is exactly that: OUTDATED. That’s not how you want to be known, is it? As someone from the past who once had a successful business…

Modernization is inevitable. Not only necessary, but also a great opportunity for the most attentive ones.

Stay with me, I’ll show you what’s happening.


There are no more limits in today’s marketing world. Today we are able to reach the customer we want, when we want it.

After all, if it wasn’t a good job of marketing YOU wouldn’t be reading this right now, right?

What if you had the power to do just that? Taking your message, your product, your service to your potential customers?

Attracting them to come to your business or, who knows, make them send you a message, a WhatsApp or even call your store.

“We don’t sell websites. We sell results to our customers.”

ATTENTION: The first 30 entrepreneurs will participate in a Free Strategic Consultation (call by Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp) for half an hour to clarify any doubts about websites and digital marketing in general, and how they can help you to sell more.

Step 1: Schedule a Free Strategic Consultation

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Step 2: Having a Modern and Updated Website

Step 3: Making More Sales

And How it Works?

I know it’s not easy, for those who don’t have experience in the area, to understand this new market.

And that’s exactly why I’m going to facilitate your company’s entry and expansion into the digital world.

In recent years, I have been dedicated to helping micro, small and medium-sized companies to attract more customers and sell more, both in Europe and in Brazil, using the internet intelligently and strategically.

First, look below for the service(s) best suited for your business.

Then schedule a Free Strategic Consultation to clarify your doubts.

We’re not only web designers, we are problem solvers!

ATTENTION: Special values for COMBO services. For example: Website + Email Marketing + Online Ads (Paid Traffic).

FH Digital Marketing made a total difference in my business.

Building the website, structuring it exactly the way I had envisioned it in my mind, and at the same time using strategies for my clients to find information quickly and easily, has helped me to reach a growing audience.

Service and communication are efficient, always making suggestions in order to improve and engage with my audience.

Diana Raquel

Creator, Empower Your Life

Here, we would like to thank FH Digital Marketing, for the wonderful service provided to our company L&O Consultancy and Projects.

They took care from the creation of our website, which by the way became very modern and with an attractive and functional layout, passing through the reformulation of our logo and proposing a specific digital marketing, where we reach new customers through the web.

We are very pleased and want to continue our partnership for many years to come.

We thank Fabio for his dedication and transparency!

Luís Augusto Siebeneichler

Owner, L&O Consultancy and Projects

Fh Marketing Digital Fabio Haubert Google My Business 04
Fh Marketing Digital Fabio Haubert Google My Business 04

Recent Works

See some examples of recent work. Complete development, from scratch to the website on air and/or necessary adjustments and setups for the proper functioning of the website and E-commerce.

Gazalla B Zabek

Website – Therapies


Setup and adjustments for Digital Marketing


Marketing Setup in the Hotel and E-Commerce sites


Gazalla B Zabek

Website – Consultancy and Projects

Nova Mutum/MT, Brasil

Decole com Semijoias

Sales Page – Jewelry Business Consultancy

Website – Aesthetics Center

Lajeado/RS, Brasil

Musical Instrument Learning Blog

Quero Aprender Agora

Planeta Brasil Garopaba

Website – Cloathing Wear

Garopaba/SC, Brasil

Sports Blog – Karate

Karate Faixa Preta


Why should I have a website?

Having a website, in most cases, means not only a professional presentation of your business, but also greater disclosure of your products and services to those who don’t know you yet.

After all, who do YOU consider more professional: someone who only has Facebook and Instagram or someone who already has a professional website to present their services?

I already have Facebook. Do I really need a website?

Who do YOU consider more professional? A company that only has a Facebook page (and Instagram profile) or one that also has a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE??? So it is…

The simplest and cheapest way to show professionalism and credibility to your customers is to have a well-built website.

However, we will analyze together in your Free Strategic Consulting the best option for you and your company.

My company is small. Is it worth it?

The cheapest and most efficient way to promote your business in today’s world is through the internet.

Every business needs some kind of online advertisement.

Today, it is no longer acceptable for any company not to have a professional website that can be easily found by those looking for its services or products.

And these persuasive texts, what are they?

All texts on the website and e-mail marketing will be written very clearly for those who read, the reasons why they should buy from you and your company, and not from any other competitor.

Through techniques called Copywriting, the digital marketing professional is able to position your company as unique, differentiated from the others, and, with that, attract more customers and more sales.

How Do I Proceed?


I will answer your questions about online business and digital marketing, so that you can enter this new world with complete security.

Just click on the button below to schedule the best date.

That way I’ll be able to better understand your business and your goals, and help you with your doubts.

From this conversation, we will start designing marketing strategies so that you and your company have the best results.

REMEMBER: The consultation is 100% free. Then it is YOU who decides whether you want to expand your business or not.


Talk to you soon.


Fabio Haubert

YES! I Want to Improve My Online Presence and Attract More Customers

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