Ads Setup for websites

Advertising online is not only pushing buttons. First of all your website needs to be configured and integrated with the ad tools (Google/YouTube Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads).

Read below and understand how.


Why do I Need to Configure it First?

Only with the setup done, you can start collecting data and information.

This professional configuration includes installing codes on the website (from Facebook and Google) that have the ability to “read” and understand what the visitor does on your website, such as the pages they visit and the actions they take (click on buttons or links, add to cart, download Ebooks or other freebies, etc.)

With this, your ads, over time, become more precise and accurate, reducing your marketing costs and increasing your conversion (sales).

In other words, if you have a website and you don’t have the basic settings yet, it’s because you might not yet understand how digital marketing works.

Even if you don’t advertise online right now, understand that you’re losing money if you don’t make the necessary setup.

These codes (pixel and tags) collect data from everyone who browses your site. This collected intelligence can (and should) be used by you to make smarter, more cost-effective and accurate ad campaigns, increasing your sales.


What is a Target Audience for?

It serves to target ads specifically to that audience in question.

For example, an audience that has visited your website has already heard of your company, therefore, they already have a higher level of trust in your business than someone who has never heard of your company.

Advertising to these people increases the chance of making more sales, gaining new customers.

My Clients Are Foreigners. Is there any problem?

It doesn’t change anything at all.

All settings are general, no matter if your site has multiple languages. You will start collecting data, regardless of your preferred language.

The difference is that I will set up specific Target Audiences for YOUR business. That is, for ENGLISH pages, I will create Audiences that accessed pages in english. The same for other languages.

This will allow you to advertise in specific languages for specific audiences 🙂

Can Any Business Advertise on the Internet?

Yes, if you offer products or services from (virtually) any industry and want to reach thousands of potential customers, you should advertise on the internet, whether on Facebook/Instagram or Google/YouTube.

Advertising on the Internet Does it Mean to press Boost button?

The 2 methods are considered advertisements.

However, with the Boost button you will only have a wider reach of your publication.

An Ad made in the Business Manager (BM), on the other hand, has much more strategy.

Using the Business Manager, you can set Campaign Goal to Conversion or Sales, or Message by WhatsApp, for example, making marketing far more accurate.

With the Business Manager you can test multiple ads at the same time, comparing them to see which one is performing best. With that, you reinforce the good ads and exclude the worst ones.

In addition, with the Business Manager you can reach specific Target Audiences, which improves ad quality, lowering costs and increasing sales.

In short, using the Ads Manager you have a much greater CONTROL and, with that, you can make your ads more and more efficient (through constant optimizations), cheaper and with better results for your business.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on the Internet?

You (or your Traffic Manager) control how much you will invest in your marketing campaigns.
Generally, from €1.00 (one euro) per day (paid directly to the tool, Google or Facebook) it is already possible to start doing publicity work and attracting customers.

You should understand that to make ads you have two costs:

1) the cost of service of your agency, the Traffic Manager (FH Digital Marketing), who will create the marketing campaigns strategies and manage the ads and

2) the cost of investment of the ads, paid directly to Google/YouTube or Facebook/Instagram.

How Long Should I Advertise?

It is up to you to choose. You can stop advertising immediately whenever you want.

However, if the ads are bringing customers and greater profit for your company, you better keep advertising, right?

How to Configure?

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Then I will send you a short questionnaire so that I can better understand your business and your goals.

From there, I access your company’s tools and website and make the necessary settings.

YES! I want to be prepared for today's online world

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